Today's e-business solutions are focused on solving business problems and reducing overhead, increasing efficiencies or solving problems with technology not otherwise achievable. Alphabit Media goes beyond the storefront and extends throughout the enterprise by developing solutions that cut across multiple business functions. Using advanced database technology and multi-user, distributed information systems to manage and re-tooling processes for better efficiencies lowers costs and increases your company's overall efficiency.


  Our E-Business services... transaction systems, business logic, enterprise-wide and scalable, end-to-end solutions for today and tomorrow.

  Our Application Services... 24/7/365 maintenance, administration, and support, Windows, Linux, AWS, GCP or Azure, Containers & Kubernetes, Load Balancing, VPN, Privte Peering -- you name it, we can do it .

  Technology Solutions...Custom development, inside-out business logic rendered in today's application languages including Python, PHP, Ruby Go, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Scala, Objective-C, Swift, C# & .Net