Choosing the best environment and architecture to publish and manage an app online and provide future interactive components is no job for amateurs.

There have been many "inexpensive" shrink-wrapped solutions hitting the e-commerce industry like meteors falling from the sky--"get your products online for as little as $50 per month" one advertisement reads--with little explanation of the engine that supports the online business process.

Many companies, including some of the "big ones," rushed to be the pioneers in electronic commerce, only to suffer from overspending on under-performing architectures and overcharging their first clients for a few thousand empty hits. Some of the "low-end" packaged software solutions have experienced measured success initially, but they are now faced with the decision to provide an ever-cheaper solution for the millions of small businesses going online who are looking only at the website solution with short-term budgets. These ventures will fail for lack of customer service, online marketing expertise, and, in some cases, being overwhelmed by consumer response and not able to meet the demand. E-commerce brings high expectations from businesses and consumers who are attempting to use the Internet for streamlining commerce and cutting costs. If an enterprise is not ready to meet the demands of online commerce, they will find the wrong investment exploding in their faces.

At Alphabit Media, we design and implement sophisticated Internet sites with high volumes of data, extensive databases, and intricate transactional requirements. Our information engineering expertise allows us to create websites that are technically complex but very user friendly. Clients use our sites to deliver and receive information or conduct secure transactions or electronic commerce. We have extensive experience with reliable connections and firewalls to protect data from unwelcome guests.