social network based on real news, reached out to boost mobile development using react and react native.
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python react react-native SaaS CRM application on web, Android & iOS, google, and facebook integration. HIPAA compliant on AWS.
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multi-tenant SMS platform for massive outreach for the US Census building CCL for a great non profit.
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machine learning platform on Azure using databricks and python, airflow and mlflow.
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unique p2p ecommerce marketplace for artists on web, iOS and Android all hosted on AWS.
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construction field management application for on the job task tracking web, iOS and Android and HIPAA compliant on AWS.
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health and medical monitoring application on web, iOS and Android all hosted on AWS.
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  Mobile with iOS and Android using a variety of solutions; Server side with PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, JAVA, Scala, Erlang, Javascript, C/C++, iOS, Android, AWS GCP and Azure, AI/ML using Spark and Databricks, Tensorflow, MLFlow, Airflow, Kafka

  software architecture & development
agile team development & staffing
technical pipeline & roadmap
scalability & security
code review and systems analysis
CI/CD & DevOps
monitoring & break-fix

  industry agnostic, our clients range from e-commerce and mobile to startups and enterprises in fintech, legal, social, and nonprofit.

  email us anytime info at alphabit media dot com or just call or txt
+1 415.871.6485