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  BlackRock Financial Services

Solution: BlackRock Financial Services sought a High Availability solution for their large financial databases. Alphabit Media provided the software and installation support and maintenance to achieve 100% data redundancy across their enterprise.


  Our E-Business clients utilize secure server certificates (SSL), real-time credit card transactions, and real-time fulfillment services from a variety of vendors.

  Enterprise-class clients include both large-scale and comprehensive e-business and vertical and horizontal portal plays. Alphabit Media has successfully deployed entire Internet solutions for enterprise clients including large, public corporate solutions.

  Infrastructure is the stuff upon which your solution rests -- your baseline performance and reliability comes down to the very hardware, software, and network infrastructure that you have deployed. Alphabit Media provides highly scalable solutions utilizing the latest in High Availability and Load Balancing techniques, both at the application and systems layers.

  Our Partners cutting edge technology in the cloud and tools for fast mobile and web application development